Shora-e-Halo_Aqhad | بلاگ


تعرفه تبلیغات در سایت


Conducted by the Rabani-Masoud regime of Jamiat Islami with the expressed goal of circumventing the traditional Afghani Loya Jirga and also to gain a stamp of legitimacy from a selected group of so called religious delegates.Rabani extewnded his term in office.


The first "Shora" orchestrated by the Jamiat Islami of Rabani-Masoud in which Afghan intellectuals were invited. Was marked by the surprise visit by Doctor Yousaf Khan , former prime minister. It soon disintegrated into a self-promoting farce for Ismayel Khan, the then warlord of Herat. It was as a result of this Shora that Masoud felt threatened by Islamyel Khan's alleged popularity among Jamiati ranks.masou started to cause problems for Ismail Khan.


The warlords were shipped to Mecca to swear, while facing the house of God, that they will abide by their resolutions of peace in Afghanistan. Needless to say, these so called "God Fearing" Mojahedine leader did not even stand by their promise in the house of God.The war started with biger crafts.

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